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Women in Meat Industry Awards

A fantastic initiative from the publishers of Meat Management magazine

First launched in 2018 to great acclaim, the immense and vitally important contribution made by women to the UK meat industry’s success is recognised every year through a unique initiative, the Women In Meat Industry Awards. The 5-star 2022 ceremony and black tie dinner took place in London on 11th November.

The 2022 ceremony event featured 73 finalists from the original 109 nominees, who received over 14,000 votes and guests attending featured many of the biggest names and companies in the meat industry.

The official website received nearly 40,000 visits.

See the 2022 highlights:

The categories recognised are:

Meat Businesswoman of the Year Award
Meat Businesswoman Award – Foodservice
Meat Businesswoman Award – Multiple Retailing
Meat Businesswoman Award – Independent Retailing
Meat Businesswoman Award – Manufacturing
Meat Businesswoman Award – Poultry
Meat Businesswoman Award – Craft Butchery
Meat Businesswoman Award – Trade Body
Meat Businesswoman Award – Wholesaling
Meat Business Woman Award – Industry Supplier
Meat Business Woman Award – Training & Education
The Rising Star Award

The 2022 ceremony featured TV chef and broadcaster, Rachel Allen as host.
She presented all the category awards, including the Meat Businesswoman of the Year.

Some photos of the event in 2022:

Helping at the GLTS
Alexis Conran speaking at the GLTS
A busy Group Leisure & Travel Show
Another enjoyable seminar session at the Group Leisure & Travel Show

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