Meat Management magazine

What is it? Meat Management magazine is the only regular meat trade publication directly serving the UK meat industry.

What’s its frequency? Publishing 10 times per year plus 24/7 coverage via its worldwide online e-magazine edition.

What is its target market? The MM readership is responsible for spending billions on raw materials, machinery and equipment, ingredients, transport, packaging and services.

A selection of Cruise covers

What is the impact from Meat Management magazine? Praised for its independent and vibrant editorial content, its quality production and modern easy to read format, Meat Management magazine delivers to its advertisers a valuable high spending market.

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Meat Management is also available to readers in digital format via
And with the new and improved ‘Article View’ it offers a great reading experience across desktop, tablet and mobile.

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The e-magazine sponsorship package offers advertisers the opportunity to promote their branding in print and online and allows flexibility to incorporate video or soundtrack to their advert. Get all this with e-magazine sponsorship:

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Splash pop-up on e-magazine load including logo and web details:

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Page Zero Advert

Page Zero advert opposite the front cover with link to your website, which is viewable on desktop and on mobile when in landscape view.

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Credit on contents page

Credit on page 3 of the print edition with logo and web address:

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New Issue Alert credit 

Credit in the New Issue Alert email including logo, contact details and web address:

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Interested in advertising?

Interested in advertising?

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